December 16 Birthdays

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December 16th, 1988 (December 16 1988)BirthAnna Popplewell, English actress
December 16th, 1987 (December 16 1987)BirthHallee Hirsh, American actress
December 16th, 1985 (December 16 1985)BirthKeita Tachibana, member of Japanese boy band w-inds.
December 16th, 1983 (December 16 1983)BirthKelenna Azubuike, English basketball player
December 16th, 1983 (December 16 1983)BirthDanielle Lloyd, English model
December 16th, 1982 (December 16 1982)BirthGarnon Davies, Welsh actor
December 16th, 1982 (December 16 1982)BirthAntrel Rolle, National Football League defensive back
December 16th, 1981 (December 16 1981)BirthFlo Rida, American rapper
December 16th, 1981 (December 16 1981)BirthAnna Sedokova, Ukrainian singer
December 16th, 1981 (December 16 1981)BirthTook Leng How, Malaysian criminal (died in 2006)
December 16th, 1981 (December 16 1981)BirthGareth Williams, Scottish footballer
December 16th, 1979 (December 16 1979)BirthMihai Traistariu, Romanian singer
December 16th, 1979 (December 16 1979)BirthJessie Ward, American professional wrestler
December 16th, 1979 (December 16 1979)BirthTrevor Immelman, South African golfer
December 16th, 1978 (December 16 1978)BirthGunter Van Handenhoven, Belgian footballer
December 16th, 1978 (December 16 1978)BirthKaine, American rapper (Ying Yang Twins)
December 16th, 1977 (December 16 1977)BirthEric Belanger, Canadian ice hockey player
December 16th, 1977 (December 16 1977)BirthSylvain Distin, French footballer
December 16th, 1975 (December 16 1975)BirthValentin Badoi, Romanian footballer
December 16th, 1975 (December 16 1975)BirthNawo Kawakita, Japanese drummer (Maximum the Hormone)
December 16th, 1975 (December 16 1975)BirthBenjamin Kowalewicz, Canadian musician (Billy Talent)
December 16th, 1975 (December 16 1975)BirthJonathan Scarfe, Canadian actor
December 16th, 1974 (December 16 1974)BirthFrida Hallgren, Swedish actress
December 16th, 1973 (December 16 1973)BirthThemba Mnguni, South African footballer
December 16th, 1973 (December 16 1973)BirthScott Storch, Canadian-American hip-hop producer
December 16th, 1972 (December 16 1972)BirthAngela Bloomfield, New Zealand actress
December 16th, 1972 (December 16 1972)BirthCharles Gipson, American baseball player
December 16th, 1972 (December 16 1972)BirthZeljko Kalac, Australian soccer player
December 16th, 1971 (December 16 1971)BirthMichael McCary, American singer (Boyz II Men)
December 16th, 1971 (December 16 1971)BirthPaul van Dyk, German DJ
December 16th, 1967 (December 16 1967)BirthDonovan Bailey, Jamaican-born Canadian sprinter
December 16th, 1967 (December 16 1967)BirthMiranda Otto, Australian actress
December 16th, 1966 (December 16 1966)BirthClifford Robinson, American basketball player
December 16th, 1966 (December 16 1966)BirthDennis Wise, English footballer
December 16th, 1965 (December 16 1965)BirthChris Jones, American baseball player
December 16th, 1965 (December 16 1965)BirthMelanie Sloan, American attorney
December 16th, 1965 (December 16 1965)BirthNancy Valen, American actress
December 16th, 1964 (December 16 1964)BirthHeike Drechsler, East German-born sprinter
December 16th, 1964 (December 16 1964)BirthGeorgie Parker, Australian actress
December 16th, 1964 (December 16 1964)BirthBilly Ripken, American baseball player
December 16th, 1963 (December 16 1963)BirthBenjamin Bratt, American actor
December 16th, 1963 (December 16 1963)BirthJeff Carson, American singer
December 16th, 1963 (December 16 1963)BirthJames Mangold, American film director and screenwriter
December 16th, 1962 (December 16 1962)BirthMaruschka Detmers, Dutch actress
December 16th, 1962 (December 16 1962)BirthWilliam "The Refrigerator" Perry, American football player
December 16th, 1961 (December 16 1961)BirthBill Hicks, American comedian (died in 1994)Bill Hicks Quotes
December 16th, 1961 (December 16 1961)BirthJon Tenney, American actor
December 16th, 1960 (December 16 1960)BirthPat Van Den Hauwe, Belgian footballer
December 16th, 1955 (December 16 1955)BirthXander Berkeley, American actor
December 16th, 1955 (December 16 1955)BirthPrince Lorenz of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este
December 16th, 1952 (December 16 1952)BirthJoel Garner, Barbadian West Indies cricketer
December 16th, 1952 (December 16 1952)BirthFrancesco Graziani, Italian footballer
December 16th, 1951 (December 16 1951)BirthRobben Ford, American guitarist
December 16th, 1950 (December 16 1950)BirthClaudia Cohen, American gossip columnist and socialite (died in 2007)
December 16th, 1950 (December 16 1950)BirthRoy Schuiten, Dutch cyclist (died in 2006)
December 16th, 1949 (December 16 1949)BirthBilly Gibbons, American guitarist (ZZ Top)
December 16th, 1948 (December 16 1948)BirthChristopher Biggins, English actor
December 16th, 1947 (December 16 1947)BirthBen Cross, English actor
December 16th, 1947 (December 16 1947)BirthVincent Matthews, American sprinter
December 16th, 1946 (December 16 1946)BirthBenny Andersson, Swedish musician, singer and songwriter (ABBA)
December 16th, 1946 (December 16 1946)BirthTrevor Pinnock, English conductor and harpsichordist
December 16th, 1945 (December 16 1945)BirthPatti Deutsch, American actress and Match Game panelist
December 16th, 1945 (December 16 1945)BirthBobby George, English professional darts player
December 16th, 1945 (December 16 1945)BirthYukio Hattori, Japanese Iron Chef commentator
December 16th, 1943 (December 16 1943)BirthSteven Bochco, American television producer and writer
December 16th, 1943 (December 16 1943)BirthTony Hicks, English guitarist (The Hollies)
December 16th, 1942 (December 16 1942)BirthDonald Carcieri, American politician, governor of Rhode Island
December 16th, 1941 (December 16 1941)BirthLesley Stahl, American journalist
December 16th, 1938 (December 16 1938)BirthFrank Deford, American sportswriter
December 16th, 1938 (December 16 1938)BirthLiv Ullmann, Norwegian actress
December 16th, 1937 (December 16 1937)BirthJoyce Bulifant, American actress
December 16th, 1936 (December 16 1936)BirthMorris Dees, founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center
December 16th, 1934 (December 16 1934)BirthElgin Gay Baylor, NBA Hall of Famer
December 16th, 1932 (December 16 1932)BirthRodion Shchedrin, Soviet/Russian composer
December 16th, 1929 (December 16 1929)BirthNicholas Courtney, English actor
December 16th, 1928 (December 16 1928)BirthPhilip K. Dick, American writer (died in 1982)
December 16th, 1927 (December 16 1927)BirthRandall Garrett, American writer (died in 1987)
December 16th, 1926 (December 16 1926)BirthJames McCracken, American tenor (died in 1988)
December 16th, 1922 (December 16 1922)BirthCy Leslie, American music and video executive (died in 2008)
December 16th, 1918 (December 16 1918)BirthPierre Delanoe, French songwriter and lyricist (died in 2006)
December 16th, 1917 (December 16 1917)BirthNabi Bux Khan Baloch, Sindhi scholar
December 16th, 1917 (December 16 1917)BirthSir Arthur C. Clarke, English writer (died in 2008)Arthur C. Clarke Quotes
December 16th, 1915 (December 16 1915)BirthTurk Murphy, American trombonist (died in 1987)
December 16th, 1906 (December 16 1906)BirthBarbara Kent, Canadian actress
December 16th, 1905 (December 16 1905)BirthPiet Hein, Danish mathematician and inventor (died in 1996)Piet Hein Quotes
December 16th, 1902 (December 16 1902)BirthRafael Alberti, Spanish poet (died in 1999)
December 16th, 1901 (December 16 1901)BirthMargaret Mead, American anthropologist (died in 1978)Margaret Mead Quotes
December 16th, 1900 (December 16 1900)BirthV. S. Pritchett, English author and critic (died in 1997)V. S Pritchett Quotes
December 16th, 1899 (December 16 1899)BirthSir Noel Coward, English playwright, actor and composer (died in 1973)Noel Coward Quotes
December 16th, 1888 (December 16 1888)BirthKing Alexander I of Yugoslavia (died in 1934)
December 16th, 1888 (December 16 1888)BirthAlphonse Juin, marshall of France (died in 1967)
December 16th, 1883 (December 16 1883)BirthMax Linder, French pioneer of silent film (died in 1925)
December 16th, 1882 (December 16 1882)BirthSir Jack Hobbs, English cricketer (died in 1963)
December 16th, 1882 (December 16 1882)BirthZoltan Kodaly, Hungarian composer (died in 1967)
December 16th, 1882 (December 16 1882)BirthWalther Meissner, German physicist (died in 1974)
December 16th, 1872 (December 16 1872)BirthAnton Ivanovich Denikin, Russian general (died in 1947)
December 16th, 1869 (December 16 1869)BirthHristo Tatarchev, Bulgarian revolutionary (died in 1952)
December 16th, 1867 (December 16 1867)BirthAmy Carmichael, missionary in Dohnavur, India (died in 1951)
December 16th, 1865 (December 16 1865)BirthOlavo Bilac, Brazilian poet (died in 1918)
December 16th, 1863 (December 16 1863)BirthGeorge Santayana, Spanish philosopher and writer (died in 1952)George Santayana Quotes
December 16th, 1861 (December 16 1861)BirthAntonio de La Gandara, French painter (died in 1917)
December 16th, 1834 (December 16 1834)BirthLeon Walras, French economist (died in 1910)
December 16th, 1804 (December 16 1804)BirthViktor Bunyakovsky, Russian mathematician (died in 1889)
December 16th, 1790 (December 16 1790)BirthKing Leopold I of Belgium (died in 1865)
December 16th, 1787 (December 16 1787)BirthMary Russell Mitford, English writer (died in 1855)
December 16th, 1776 (December 16 1776)BirthJohann Wilhelm Ritter, German physicist (died in 1810)
December 16th, 1775 (December 16 1775)BirthJane Austen, English writer (died in 1817)Jane Austen Quotes
December 16th, 1775 (December 16 1775)BirthFrancois-Adrien Boieldieu, French composer (died in 1834)
December 16th, 1770 (December 16 1770)BirthLudwig van Beethoven, German composer (died in 1827)Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes
December 16th, 1742 (December 16 1742)BirthGebhard Furst Blucher von Wahlstatt, German Field Marshal (died in 1819)
December 16th, 1717 (December 16 1717)BirthElizabeth Carter, English writer (died in 1806)
December 16th, 1716 (December 16 1716)BirthLouis-Jules Mancini-Mazarini, Duc de Nivernais, French diplomat and writer (died in 1798)
December 16th, 1714 (December 16 1714)BirthGeorge Whitefield, English-born Methodist leader (died in 1770)George Ade Quotes
December 16th, 1614 (December 16 1614)BirthEberhard III, Duke of Wurttemberg (died in 1674)
December 16th, 1584 (December 16 1584)BirthJohn Selden, English jurist and oriental scholar (died in 1654)John Selden Quotes
December 16th, 1485 (December 16 1485)BirthCatherine of Aragon, Queen of England (died in 1536)

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